Project Safety

We strive to have a safe and healthy workplace for all employees.


We focus on accident prevention and the safety of our workforce. Each member of the company carries responsibility for safety on the job. HM² can only complete our objectives with the full support and cooperation of every employee.

Safety policies and procedures will help to prevent accidents and loss of life, and to assist management and employees in compliance with OSHA standards.


Points of reference:

  • Requirements by law:
  • General Duty Clause:
  • Record keeping and material required by law:
  • What to do when accidents happen: 

Components of HM² Safety Program 

  • General/Safety Policy 
  • Record Keeping  - Posting Requirements 
  • Accident Investigation
  • OSHA Signs, Signals, and Barricades
  • Training
  • Safety Planning
  • Inspections 
  • Your Right to Know/HAZCOM
  • Confined Spaces
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Electrical Program 
  • Excavation
  • Fall Protection
  • Fire Protection and Prevention
  • Material Handling, Storage, Use, and Disposal
  • Personal Protective and Life Saving Equipment
  • Scaffolding 
  • Stairways and Ladders
  • Tools (Hand and Powered)
  • Lock-Out/Tag-Out