About Us 

We here at HM² Mechanical and Specialty Contractors strive to put you and your company first, our effort and determination sets us apart from the rest. Each project we face will vary from the last, but our approach to each one remains the same. We approach every project as a team and our skillful employee’s helps us finish the project on time and on budget. Our company which relies on teamwork, skill, and great time management, enables the customer to leave the daily job management in our hands.  

History of the Company


For the past 33 years, HM² has performed work in Brevard County and across the state. The growth of our company has soared, due to our emphasis on workmanship, teamwork, and our efficiency on small projects.


Kristy Mount became the president of HM² in 1992, having a background in Business Administration and a degree in Management; she understood that the “Key to Success” relied upon the dedication, honesty, and hard work of those who worked in the field and in the office. Over the years, we have had the flexibility to design, re-design, and value engineer projects due to our Cad department and our knowledgeable consultants. Our consultants can give you and your company various options on how to complete a project in less time, money, and less stress. We also work on specialized projects and products for not only commercial use but for industrial use as well. Proud of what we have accomplished as a business; we strive to continue our standards, and to provide our clients the very best of construction services.